Sek 1.5 - 🧡 1.5 crore in numbers

1.5 sek Yahoo fait

SCA has issued green bonds amounting to SEK 1.5 billion

1.5 sek Regio’s SEK

1.5 sek SHT40

AAK to renew and issue bonds for a total of SEK 1.5 billion

1.5 sek SEK launches

1.5 sek Domestic bonds:

1.5 sek Regio’s SEK

1.5 sek NIB launches

1.5 sek International bonds:

1.5 sek Axfood's Board

1.5 sek Skanska divests

NIB launches five

KPA Pension invests just over SEK 1.5 billion in a new credit fund from P Capital Partners

We are confident in our strong 5G position and leading patent portfolio, positioning us well to conclude pending and future license renewals.

1.5 crore in numbers

We continue to engage with the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission in relation to the 2019 Iraq investigation report and the DPA breach notices.